Developing Fast Competitive Cycles

The resurgence or maybe recognition of the use of the The OODA Loop as a basis for much of the current ideas surrounding Iterations, Rapid Development Cycles and Decision Making. What makes the OODA Loop such a popular subject? When we first think of the OODA Loop we think of Continue reading

SDCA & PDCA Are Needed For EDCA

SDCA and PDCA prepare you to maximize EDCA or Design. I like to use the term EDCA learned from Graham Hill to designate the Explore aspect of Lean. I view it as more of Design Type thinking content that allows for that collaborative learning cycle with a customer. Design and Continue reading

Evolution and the Future of PDCA

In the paper, Evolution of PDCA, covered the development of PDCA from the introduction to the scientific method (you could argue between Aristotle or Galileo) to the latest development covered by the paper with the addition of the Model for Improvement published and described in The Improvement Guide. This book Continue reading

Implementing PDCA

In Franklin Covey’s, The 4 Disciplines of Execution,  they use the term the “Whirlwind” in the same manner as I think about Standard Work. As they describe operating outside the whirlwind (SDCA) think of that as PDCA or EDCA depending on if you are looking for incremental or breakthrough type Continue reading

A Good Feedback Cycle has the Appearance of Causing Problems

Review this Slideshow and pay particular attention to the re-productive section. This is a description of incremental improvement or PDCA. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of the Check stage of PDCA or the feedback mechanism that you use in the iteration. James O. Coplein, author of the Lean Architecture: for Continue reading

The Fundamental Idea of Iteration (PDCA) is Learning

“The fundamental idea of iteration (PDCA) is learning. To eschew PDCA is not only arrogant; it is inefficient & often ineffective,” says Shoji Shiba author of Four Practical Revolutions in Management : Systems for Creating Unique Organizational Capability. The Lean practice of PDCA is ideal for learning and creating knowledge Continue reading

An Overview of PDCA

PDCA Introduction: The Deming Cycle or The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model is a proven framework for implementing continuous quality improvement. These four steps provide the framework for continuous improvement. The PDCA cycle basically starts with a plan and ends with an action in accordance with the information learned during the process. Continue reading

Achieving Organizational Health

The podcast with @KarenMartinOpEx highlights some not so popular subjects in many circles, planning and standard work. Karen Martin voices her opinion about these two controversial subjects while discussing how to Generate Business Results by Eliminating Chaos and Building the Foundation for Everyday Excellence, the subtitle to her new book Continue reading

What a Rat taught me about Toyota Kata

What’s more rewarding — eating a piece of candy, or the sense of anticipation you feel just before you eat it? As far as your brain is concerned, it’s probably the latter. Cynergey’s Kes Sampanthar explains what dopamine reveals about the neuroscience of motivation. In Mike Rother’s book Toyota Kata: Continue reading