Team and Teamwork Stack

This is a collection of Business901 Podcast Transcriptions, called Stacks (see below) through my Issuu channel: Team and Teamwork Stack I organized this stack on Team and Teamwork interviews with Geoff Bellman, Jim Benson and Russ Unger. I ended up with 21 publications in the stack at the time of this publication. Continue reading

Optimize Your Organization for Learning

I ran across this tweet from Marshall Kirkpatrick @marshallk, CEO @GetLittleBirdWhat” “What if networked, faster learning was what big organizations were optimized for? (instead of efficiency)” He had linked in this YouTube Video to the Tweet: John Hagel’s speech at the 5th Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna. John Hagel Continue reading

Intangibles Create Our Success

Part of The Lean Minute Collection on YouTube We need to understand the underlying forces of these relationships and what is critical for this activity. The conversation we must have, the value that must be delivered. Our models need to include the intangibles or informal exchanges that really build relationships. Continue reading

The Answer to the Challenger Customer: Schwerpunkt

This weekend, I read the new book The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results, from the same group of people that brought you the books, The Effortless Experience. and The Challenger Sale. A short summary of the story is that it addresses the complications of selling to a Continue reading

Determining Your iCustomer Level

Part of The Lean Minute Collection on YouTube If the customer interaction (iCustomer) is an important part of marketing you should be able to measure it. Related blog posts: What is your iCustomer Level The 7 step Lean Process of Marketing to Toyota Lean Engagement Team (More Info): The ability Continue reading

Does a manager need to be good at the job they manage?

Joe: When I think of coaching, I kind of think of someone that has done that job before, that he knows how to do the job. And I see that in a lot of different areas and so forth. Do we need to make the investment in time and personnel Continue reading

An A3 Retrospective


Lean Thinking is often developed through a structured approach using a tool such as an A3. It is one of the best ways, I believe in developing a problem-solving culture through practice. The easiest way to start is to purchase Jamie Flinchbaugh’s Kindle book, A3 Problem Solving: Applying Lean Thinking Continue reading

Using Soar: Strength, Opportunities, Aspiration, Results

I often use SOAR in the initial sequence of steps in working with clients. This helps ensure we carefully think through what outcomes we want to create, what supports and barriers we need to plan for, and who we have to involve within your organization to guarantee success. The starting Continue reading

Lean Sales Integration

In the appendix of the book, Lean Integration: An Integration Factory Approach to Business Agility, I found a set of integration laws that I thought worthwhile sharing. I added my comments to each law on the thought it sparked. Integration “laws” are ways of thinking about the fundamental drivers of Continue reading

As an Individual: How much Slack is Enough?

How much slack is enough, and where does that start becoming wasteful? We talk about Lean and do it as individual but we need slack. It’s hard to get your arms around it. -jd Dan Markovitz: If you think about Taiichi Ohno, the first thing he had anyone do was Continue reading