Dave Snowden’s Talk on Cynefin at LeanWX

LeanWX NYC 2015 was a five-day, single-track conference (Wednesday through Sunday). The conference incorporated short format 20 minute talks, keynotes, Lean Coffee, and open spaces and was organized around presentations, great food (including macaroons flown in from France), and discussions on how organizations can adopt LeanUX, Design Thinking, DevOps, and Continue reading

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Realizing Commercial Value Versus Technical Value

The Purdue Foundry focuses Purdue’s vast resources to accelerate and improve advancement of Purdue ideas and innovations that are changing the world. My podcast guest next week is Juliana Casavan a Training Manager at Purdue Foundry where she creates and facilitates workshops that concentrate on first step of looking at Continue reading

Do You Understand How A Person Communicates?

Judith Pauley: When we want people to hear what we have to say it certainly helps to speak to them in the way they prefer to be spoken to, and that’s the bottom line. Knowing what each personality type is, knowing what the personality type of the person you’re communicating with Continue reading

Gettng your Workforce Engaged in Problem Solving

In one of my most popular podcasts (Related Podcast and Transcription: A3 Problem Solving) of all time, Tracey Richardson talked about Problem Solving and A3s. However, I have always thought like most things, it is not about the tools and methods, it is about the people. An excerpt from the Continue reading

Can You Make Online Collaboration Easy?

Next Weeks podcast guest, Dana Sednek Bowler specializes in eLearning, virtual meetings/collaboration, project management, analytics tools & strategies, and leadership facilitation. She puts these skills to work at Interaction Associates as the online learning manager. An excerpt from next week’s podcast: Joe: What do you think makes online collaboration difficult, Continue reading

Peak Learning Mind Map

Looking through my Accelerated Learning information, I ran across an old favorite of mine, Peak Learning.   This work is based on the Accelerated Learning trend of the 90’s. I appreciate so much of that work since it is laid out base largely on the learning style of the individual Continue reading

Focused Performance

Jump start your 2015 business planning. Russell Martin & Associates has created The Focused Performance Bundle. The package includes everything you need to facilitate the planning sessions with your team.  Once you know where you want to go and where you don’t want to go in 2015, start brainstorming initiatives Continue reading

Making your LinkedIn Profile Contagious

At the recent ASQ Charlotte Section Annual Conference 2013, Quality Conference of the Carolinas, I was originally scheduled to facilitate a breakout session on “How to become Famous on LinkedIn”. At the last moment, we swapped around a few of the facilitators and Satish Kartha stepped up and facilitated the Continue reading