ApRecs Field Data Scorecard Training

At last year’s Northwest Food Processors Association Expo, 72% attendees said food safety was a prime concern. A reason stated was that a single food safety incident can cause damage to your brand and to your bottom line. Do you think attendees would say they are making better decisions this year over Continue reading

How to apply Soap Opera Sequences to Your Email

Connect with your leads and build the relationship that will create repeat buyers. It’s no secret that email is one of the primary ways of communicating important information. The problem we have seen over the years is an influx of companies that use this method of communication in a way Continue reading

Can You Learn The Menlo Way?

Joyful and disciplined “agile” methodologies are the foundation on how Menlo Innovations have built their business culture. At this date, I am sure there is only limited seating left for this action packed day at Lean Frontiers outstanding training facility in Indianapolis, IN. In the August 26th session you will Continue reading

Managing Your Products Lifecycles

The most difficult thing to do sometimes is to say I am done. How do you know when a product/service is finished? In Lean Thinking, we design (EDCA) for PDCA and only after we standardize do we consider the initial design finished. We are only finished when the product lifecyle Continue reading

Ramblings on Lean Product Development and Design

So what has happened to Lean Product Development and Lean Design? I had mentioned Allen Ward previously and his pioneering work in the area of Lean Development. Allen unfortunately passed away several years ago ( a tribute to his work) and his torch; I believe has best been picked up Continue reading

Should Learning Cycles Replace Stage Gates

The differences in Design between Lean and Six Sigma are not in the tools that they use but in the paths, they have chosen to take. The initial paths of each into the design fields were driven by the fact that most cost and problems to include quality and variability Continue reading

Using Lean Tools, Start at Gemba

The tools are always an important element of any process and Lean Product Development is not lacking in offering its share. Out of what may seem like 100 different tools, I think the most prevalent can be broken down to the following (I have excluded your traditional project management tools): Continue reading

The Most Important Part of Work

It is necessary for organizations to standardize and maintain a product development process. It is has been proven over and over again that by doing this will allow for more creative action to take place, not hinder it. A quote from Plato: “The beginning is the most important part of Continue reading

Prototypes provide a Pathway for Connecting with Customers

Prototyping is a way to introduce our products or services in a very disarming way. It is a way of saying, “I respect your opinion.” Creating that empathetic connection with others can have a profound impact on your company. We all prefer to buy services from people that we perceive Continue reading

If You Want to Invent a Better Shovel, Start Shoveling!

This is the Idea (Ideate) stage, the fun part. We get out a bunch of post-it-notes, colored pencils and leave our creativity loose. Or do we… If you want to invent a better shovel, start shoveling! What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innovation happen? Answering in his Continue reading