The Digital Service Economy

Jeff Sussna

Jeff  Sussna founder of Ingineering.IT, facilitates Adaptive IT through teaching, coaching, and strategic design. He is the author of a new book Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT in the Digital Service Economy. The book and our conversation covers a lot of ground. If you are not familiar with a few of Continue reading

Should We Be Building Flatter Supply Chains?

I asked that question to Chad Smith and Carol Ptak in a past podcast and you might be surprised by the answer. Carol Ptak: It’s not really a flatter supply chain, because when I think of a flatter supply chain, I think about what’s happened in the Lean community, where Continue reading

Should every part of an Organization have a Configuration Management System

An excerpt from the Podcast and Transcription: Project Thinking In Configuration Management Joe:   Should every part of an organization have a configuration management system then? Jon Quigley: It should have some kind of change. It should identify the things that matter down the stream or that have to be coordinated Continue reading

Jobs To Be Done Matrix

I have been pretty vocal in the past about using Value Stream Mapping, Value Stream Mapping should be left on the Shop Floor, and along with a couple other blog posts, Shaping your Customers Vision and Kill the Sales and Marketing Funnel. I think these types of tools lead us Continue reading

Evaluating a Sales or Service Control Point

In a recent podcast with Evan Leybourn (Related Podcast and Transcription: Agile Business Management), we had a discussion about Project Closure. In the past I thought it was a good thing to do. It ties into my most recent work. We have been discussing projects in general and how project Continue reading

Do We Still Need Documentation?

In this day of being adaptable and agile, should we really spend time to document everything? Sure we need some documentation done but heck — it seems like I’m creating work for myself sometimes. Is there a fine line on what goes into configuration management and how strict of a Continue reading

Outcome Realization is a Continuous Process

The outcome is really not at the end of the target. . It’s some place like in the middle because this should sustain until the end of its life cycle. -jd Evan Leybourn:  You’re absolutely correct. The idea of an outcome is we should be able to incrementally achieve value Continue reading

How To Lose A Customer

Just a quick outline on a few things that I see or hear way to often. I am sure there are many more but one thing I do know, very few companies document the early signs of losing a customer. Do you? Lean Sales and Marketing: Learn about using CAP-Do Continue reading