Are You Hiring Learners? 

PDCA Knowledge

I think about Lean as a knowledge creation model. PDCA provides feedback to justify our hypotheses and increase our knowledge. The rate of change or the speed of the improvement is a key competitive factor in today’s world. PDCA allows for major jumps in performance not through massive breakthroughs but Continue reading Are You Hiring Learners? 

How do you put Lean Thinking into use?

When I am working, I naturally migrate from different stages of thinking through the Lean Cycles of CAP-Do, SDCA, PDCA, EDCA. I use all of them at a micro and macro level but often in very different ways. Reading the book Making Thinking Visible (Amazon Link: helped me collect Continue reading How do you put Lean Thinking into use?

Mastering Doing It


According to biz-life strategist TEDx speaker Cortney McDermott, and new author of the book, Change starts within you, now is the perfect time to master your to-do list. “There’s something about the instant gratification of checking off or, even better, drawing a thick line through a ‘to-do,’” says McDermott, author of Change Starts Within You. “But Continue reading Mastering Doing It