Architect an enabling Orchestra Leader?

not a Distant Composer

This is a transcription of the Business901 Podcast, The Strength of an Architect is in their Collaborative Abilities. The podcast was with Zachary Evans, an architect and partner at Kelty Tappy Design, Inc, a Fort Wayne architecture, planning, and urban design firm. A Ball State University graduate (Muncie, Indiana), Zach holds professional architectural registrations in Indiana and Ohio and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

An excerpt from the transcription:

Joe:  Is there a way that you set expectations of projects?

Zachary:  Absolutely. That’s why the early customer involvement is extremely important. We try to spend a lot of time educating the client on what our process is. Every architect and every design firm has a different process that they like to go through and they involve different timelines. We try to lay all that out upfront, typically verbally and in written proposals so they can take it home with them or take it back to their business and absorb it a little bit. But managing expectations upfront is key. If you get down the road in a design project and the owner’s upset for some reason because it took too long or they thought they were going to get a different product at the end. It’s really the design team’s fault for not being outgoing and aggressive in engaging the client and making sure their expectations were managed properly.

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