An Inquiry into the Meaning of Making

This Business901 Podcast featured Seung Chan Lim, nicknamed Slim. We discussed his journey and finally his project, Realizing Empathy. Through this project Slim hopes to share ideas, tools, and other ways to facilitate a meaningful, sustainable, and constructive conversations between and among diverse perspectives whether that’s between people or between people and materials or between people and machines by using “making” as the shared metaphor. Empathy

Realizing Empathy is a project that asks what it means to make something, how it works as a process, and why it matters to our lives. Slim believe that making is a process that is shared across cultures and disciplines. Slim told me, “People use different words like “experimenting”, “painting”, “acting”, “directing”, “dancing”, “choreographing”, “writing”, “translating”, “crafting”, etc… but what I have found is that the underlying principles are identical. Not only that, but there’s a direct line of connection between making and empathizing, which is at the heart of how we form meaningful relationship with everything we come in contact with.”

You will find this podcast very different and very engaging.

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What did Slim do before this project? For about 10 years, Slim was a computer scientist / interaction designer at MAYA Design where he last served as the Assistant Director of Engineering. Half the time, he helped fortune 500 companies design innovative products and services, and half the time he worked on both human-computer interaction and software systems research. Then he decided to take an art class.

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