John Jay McKey on Leveraging The Field For Success

A recognized data analytics expert with Big 3 and Fortune 50 experience, McKey’s new book, LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World, explains how to use the scientifically-proven energy mechanism called “the Field” to achieve success in corporate America.

“I’ve written this book to accomplish two goals,” says McKey. “The first is to help businesspeople understand how the energetic field is really at the core of everything we see, hear, feel and do, from the world around us, to our perceptions as we move about our daily lives. Science has already proven the existence of the Field, and many have written about using it to improve our personal lives. But it can have tremendous ramifications on our professional lives as well.” McKey continues by explaining his second goal is to provide a pragmatic application of this knowledge for business professionals, managers and organizations, so they may learn how to leverage this structure to their own advantage.

About the Author: John Jay McKey is an accomplished data analytics expert and successful business leader. He has helped some of the largest corporations in the world minimize risk and maximize results. After a personal epiphany led him on a deep dive into the world of quantum physics, McKey realized that a practical framework exists that could focus the power of the universal energy field, resulting in greater business success.

P.S. I read the book and did the podcast to learn a totally different way of approaching “marketing space” and it delivered.

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