Markus Andrezak on Kanban

During the last years, Markus main focus has been on transitions towards Lean and Kanban product management and development practices across his portfolio. With Arne Roock, he co-authored ‘Replenishment’, a free eBook on Kanban. His Blog: Portagile and Twitter: @markusandrezak. You can find more information at his company website: Markus is one of thought leaders of the Kanban Movement and is  speaking at the upcoming Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference (It is in Hamburg, Germany, Nov 4-5, 2013) about Boundaries of Kanban – Disruptive Innovation.

This is a transcription of our podcast. Markus Andrezak on Kanban

Download or view the PDF: Markus Andrezak on Kanban

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Podcast Link: Kanban Thinking with Andrezak

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