Need to Hire an Agile, Lean Mindset – Hire a Vet

Grow Your Veteran-Hiring Initiative Because it Makes Sense

If you are at SHRM this week check out Lida’s Presentation

Lida Citroen is an international branding and reputation management expert who designs and enhances the identities of companies, Lida Citoenexecutives, and professionals. Her company, LIDA360 specializes in reputation management, offering global clients comprehensive integrated branding, marketing, and communication solutions.

Her Latest book, Engaging With Veteran Talent is a powerful reference for employers seeking to source, hire, onboard and develop Veteran talent. By the year 2023, estimates indicate that 3.5 million Veterans will be active in the civilian workforce. Savvy employers are planning the programs to attract and capture the contributions of this valuable employee base

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