The Oxford-Review

The Oxford Review Mission

Our aim is to get the very latest, just published, peer-reviewed research to you in brief, understandable, practical, and useful way to digest briefings; no jargon, no overload. And make you the most impressively up-to-date person in the room.

The Oxford Review keeps you right up-to-date with the very latest research across the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Human Resources (not legal aspects)
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational change
  • Learning and development, including coaching.

Our Customers

The Oxford Review has made 1000’s of professionals more knowledgeable and given them the evidence to make changes in their organizations and practice. Not only are leaders and managers using The Oxford Review but heads of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Learning and Development, consultants and coaches are finding it an indispensable resource in their day-to-day work.

What We Provide

 Accessibility, Relevancy, and Timeliness of 78,000 academic research papers published every month from around the world. That is practically a million papers a year that we sort through choosing the most relevant material and translating it from the rigor of academic prose to a brief and easy consumable briefing.

  1. Accessibility: The problem is that, as any researcher will tell you, most of the world’s research is locked away in tens of thousands of academic journals. However, most of these journals are accessed through a series of over 247 specialist research databases spread around the world. New research publishes at a rate of over 2,500 per day.
  2. Relevancy: Our research briefings cover the topics of Leadership, Management, Human resources (not legal aspects), Organizational Development, Organizational Change and Learning and Development (including Coaching). You also can request a watch list for new research in keyword areas and request specific research within certain limitations.
  3. Timeliness: Universities like Oxford, for example, have a specialist search database that interrogates the other 247. You normally must be in the library to access this. Then you search, finding research articles and filter them down to get something useful and applicable. We do that for you based on the categories and one to three times a week you get the very latest research briefings, infographics, and video briefings directly to your inbox as they happen. You also have access to our entire archive of previous research briefings.


Examples of Content

  • Researchers have tracked and worked out exactly what stages of development almost every organization and business go through (or are stuck in)? This means we can predict with relative certainty where your organization is right now and where it is heading… or should be. This makes change a whole lot easier.
  • What organizational ambidexterity is and how to achieve it? Often it means the difference between your organization prospering or becoming the victim of disruptive competition.
  • Researchers have worked out exactly what the five types of organizational conflict are and how to manage conflict successfully in organizations.
  • Research published this year has found out exactly how to succeed in getting competing and conflicting groups to cooperate? It worked with conflicting Arab and Israeli groups and it is now working in organizations.

Three Ways to Engage:

  1. If you would like to get to know us better and see a little of research the best way is to subscribe to our blog. Our blog publishes several times a week.
  2. Purchase the Oxford Annual Review. It is titled The 2016/17 Oxford Review of Organisational Research and is available on Amazon and other book outlets in the paperback version. The annual review is a compilation of top 250 most practical and useful research findings of the past year.
  3. Apply for an Individual/Enterprise Level membership and receive:
  • Between one to three research briefings every week.
  • Monthly review containing between twelve and sixteen research briefings every month.
  • Occasional infographics and video briefings based on suitable research
  • The occasional special reports / short literature reviews on topics that appear to be
  • getting a lot of research attention.
  • Request a watch list for new research in keyword areas. Requests for specific research will also be considered. If these benefit the membership as a whole, no charge is made. If the review is confidential, then a charge will be made.
  • Access to the entire archive of previous research briefings.

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Membership Levels/Licenses

  1.  VIP individual membership – primarily for consultants and coaches – this enables you to:
    a. use our materials in your own practice,
    b. with face-to-face clients and in training/workshops.
    c. You need to keep the copyright information with the material.
    d. You may not place or distribute the materials on or across a client’s intranet/LMS.
  2. Corporate membership – for agencies, companies, and organizations – this enables you to use our materials:
    a. In your own organization, company or practice,
    b. with face-to-face clients and in training/workshops.
    c. You need to keep the copyright information with the material.
    d. Additionally, you receive 3 membership accounts to enable 3 members of staff to receive the Oxford Review and access the archive, additionally
    e. you can place and distribute the materials across your entire organization’s intranet / LMS.

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The Oxford Review is committed to
making you the most impressively up-to-date person in the room.

Get on the Invite List

The Oxford Review is committed to
making you the most impressively up-to-date person in the room.