The 5 Big Questions for Lean Marketing

5 Questions for Marketing

In the book, The Lean Strategy, the authors compare the 5 Key Questions of Michael Porters’ seminal work on strategy to Toyota’s strategy. Michael Porter’s Strategy Model Shaped by 5 Key Questions How do you respond to the bargaining power of customers? How do you increase our bargaining power over suppliers? Continue reading The 5 Big Questions for Lean Marketing

Let’s make Lean Simple Again

Lean Enterprise

I was taught Lean is simple: Find a problem, Solve a problem. It really is that simple to get started. Using my interpretation of Lean thinking, we start by: Capture what you are doing (CAP-Do) Create your Standard Practice (SDCA) Take one of those practices improve on it (PDCA) Try something Continue reading Let’s make Lean Simple Again

The Kaizen Spirit (PDCA) Card

PDCA or Plan – Do – Check – Act The word “Kaizen,” if you break it down into its two Japanese root words, “kai” means change and “zen” means good. It’s not just about change or an iteration. It’s about making sure change is for the better, and that the change Continue reading The Kaizen Spirit (PDCA) Card

The WOW (Standard Work) Card


Growth Principle: Standards create the WOW therefore Standards have to be at the core of your growth strategy. SDCA or Standard – D0- Check – Act Standards are the most fundamental and misunderstood concept needed for growth. Your core values are the way you go about what you do and how you Continue reading The WOW (Standard Work) Card

The Reflection (CAP-Do) Card

CAP-Do Card

CAP-Do – Check-Act-Plan-Do If you want to take a deep breath, you must first exhale For any work, Design, Project, Sales and Marketing, I start out by using CAP-Do. CAP-Do should be our first step. Starting with Check is not a new phenomenon. I have 3 books on my shelf that have Continue reading The Reflection (CAP-Do) Card