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Marketing with A3

 Author: Joseph T. Dager  Category: Lean Marketing  Publisher: Business901  Published: December 1, 2022  Tags: A3 ProcessA3 ThinkingCAP-DoEDCALean A3 ThinkingLean MarketingLean SaleslearnmarketingReflection A3salesSALES PDCASDCA |  Download

Marketing with A3 is my attempt to bring a problem-solving methodology to sales and marketing. The book itself will not spawn a lean transformation or a significant culture change within your company. It is a workbook, that I would use to introduce and guide me through the A3 process. It provides a background on A3, explanation of terms and many of the tools of A3, questions that will facilitate discussion of each step in the A3, blank forms and ten sample A3s for reference.