Are You Giving Customers Insight?

How many times have you walked away from a sales presentation wondering why the customer did not get it? Why can’t they see the advantage in our product or service? What prevented them? We often hear words mumbled like budget constraints or future considerations. We might hear that they have decided to focus energies on Read More …

Why I Quit Using PDCA

In the Sales and Marketing arena, we are exploring new propositions and environments as the main thrusts of our activity. I have found PDCA to be limiting and somewhat challenging to take people on the path of exploration. I was introduced to EDCA (E=Explore) it seems like a decade ago by Graham Hill but it never really Read More …

Are you developing WICKED Salespeople?

Most sales opportunities are just not that obvious anymore that seems to be the job of automation, not sales. However, are we enabling salespeople to handle wicked problems? Are we training them in the areas of exploration, scenarios, emergence & sensemaking? Wicked Problems: Cynefin Framework:

Random Collection of Marketing Slides, Lean, Action Research

A collection of sales and marketing, marketing research slides that I posted over the last few months on LinkedIn primarily. [slideshare id=128385726&doc=resources-190118125344]

CoCreation with Founder of The CoCreators (Video Podcast)

Stefanie Jansen’s new book The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation presents a comprehensive view on co-creation. Illustrated by various international case studies, it explains co-creation not as a method, tool or project, but as a new paradigm in which end-users play an ongoing, active role with and for organizations that are relevant to them. [arve url=”” /] Read More …