Antlion Audio Reaches Out To Support NADCL

Antlion is a leader in customizable audio solutions for gaming, streaming, podcasting, and VOIP

The North American Dota Challengers League is proud to announce our first official sponsor, Antlion Audio a leader in customizable audio solutions for gaming, streaming, podcasting, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications. Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio and a longtime Dota enthusiast, reached out to NADCL shortly after the initial announcement to voice their support of the project and asked how they could contribute.

Partnering with Antlion Audio was a natural fit as they had previously contributed towards other Dota Events. Wisnievitz said of the sponsorship, “Antlion Audio is proud to be an initial sponsor of the NADCL Dota 2 league. We believe this league is a solution to very real needs in the Dota 2 scene. We hope that the NADCL will provide unsponsored teams & players with a great opportunity to earn some income, work on their teamwork and player management, and potentially springboard them into a sponsored team should they be successful.”

The Antlion Audio ModMic solves the problems of microphone’s size, space requirements, and expense with all required “extras”. By attaching directly to the headphones like a boom mic, the ModMic stays in the same place relative to the mouth, takes up no additional space, and provides the crystal clear quality expected from its larger cousins, all for an affordable price. The ModMic allows users to choose high-quality headphones they prefer and can be used as a replacement for microphones on headsets, which are often their first failure point.   

About Antlion Audio: Launched in 2012 in Portland, OR, Antlion Audio delivers stellar, innovative voice communication solutions in a customizable experience that puts its users’ needs first.  The Antlion team provides innovative products for gaming, streaming, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications, with a commitment to great user experience. Its flagship product ModMic is the only high-quality microphone users can easily and universally attach to any pair of their existing headphones. For more information, follow them on Facebook and Twitter @AntlionAudio, on Instagram @ModMic, or visit their website at

About NADCL: The initial season of the North American Dota Challengers League officially launches this October immediately following the first Valve minor qualifier. The league will continue throughout the year while avoiding any conflicting dates with the DPC qualifiers. The Challengers League’s goal will be to create a semi-professional league within North America. The league will also be an opportunity for aspiring professional players to earn some income for the hard work they put into the game. Any unsponsored NA Dota 2 team or player that is not presently being paid to play competitively will be eligible. More information is available on the official NADCL website,, where league-registration and instructions are located.  

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