Developing Your Observation Skills

Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore’s new book, Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills, introduces a metaphor of “six looking glasses.” Each looking glass represents a particular skill to master in order to enhance the way we look at the world. The six skills include binoculars, bifocals, magnifying glass, microscope, rose-colored glasses, and blindfold Continue reading Developing Your Observation Skills

The Role of Kata in Marketing

Marketing Kata

The power of Kata differs than most Lean thinking. Most efforts with Lean in Sales and Marketing focuses on the use of the “Why” question; solving problems and offering solutions. Kata focuses on the “What” creating situational awareness. At the basic level (Why) and what I might call the commodity trap, Continue reading The Role of Kata in Marketing

The Role of Kata in Lean


The Improvement Kata + Coaching Kata (IK/CK) are about deliberate practice to develop scientific-thinking skill and mindset. That means IK/CK works well in combination with your existing Lean efforts. Based on the book: Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results by Mike Rother.   The Five-Question card is available Continue reading The Role of Kata in Lean

A Case for Not Using Lean/Agile in Your Marketing

Business Case

Organizations trying to improve their sales and marketing processes react by investing into their software and automation. They add landing pages, generate content, develop auto-responders, email campaigns. That barely scratches the surface as SEO, Social Media, Video channels, Loyalty Programs, and other well-intended programs are rolled out. They take this Continue reading A Case for Not Using Lean/Agile in Your Marketing

Explaining the Digital Vortex

Digital Vortex

Andy Noronha conducts research and works with executives from companies seeking to remain competitive in an era of digital disruption. He does this as a director in the Cisco Digitization Office and as a visiting scholar at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, and IMD, a Cisco initiative, where he conducts research and Continue reading Explaining the Digital Vortex