Appreciative Inquiry and Company Change

What is Appreciative Inquiry is a hi-def training video that includes the 5 principles, 4-D Cycle, positive core, Summit Process, and story of how Appreciative inquiry began. It’s presented by Jackie Kelm at

The methodologies of Lean, Service Design and Design Thinking co-exist with appreciative inquiry very well. Especially, when we are looking at things from a more strategic and organizational level. The above video and the article below when viewed from an existing framework of Lean, Service Design and Design Thinking opens a sea of opportunity. I consider the cultural change and mental models that must occur in a transformation. Why not take a positive approach?

We are all familiar with the many attributes of positive thinking but seldom are they practiced as part of organizational development. In an article by David Cooperrider he discusses the framework called the IPOD (Innovation-inspired Positive Organization Development).  The theory of change underlying IPOD is articulated, including the three stages in creating strengths-based organizational innovation: 1) the elevation-and-extension of strengths, 2) the broaden and-building of capacity, and 3) the establishment of the new-and-eclipsing of the old.

Read the entire article here: Positive Organization Development: Innovation-inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths

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