Connecting The Basic Appreciative Inquiry Models

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Action Research (AR) has become more prevalent in my marketing approach and toolbox. For my Lean connections, it is comparable to the way I think and use PDCA.

I have a higher-order of thinking as I go left to right in the diagram, but the thought process remains basically the same. A not so perfect way of saying it is that there is a Macro to Mini order to the columns, for example:

  1. The practice of SOAR in lieu of SWOT is instrumental in bringing on clients and providing the initial framework for discussion and visioning.
  2. The Five “D” Model for conceptualizing, more of a broader stroke over a product/service line or a value stream.
  3. The Five “I” Model is more campaign or event-driven.
  4. Action Research is a natural progression for me as we move towards external research.

I have found marketing processes are often disjointed, especially from an AI perspective, and having the different AI models have provided me the opportunity to plug their messages and actions into these different blocks where they best fit.

Adapted from Appreciative Inquiry 2001 1st edition by Watkins & Mohr 2nd edition:

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