Consider how this person hires

I have been promoting the need to participate in social media and building your contact base in LinkedIn and others. It seems to be not one place people go to find out about a candidate but the 1st place.  Just think if you were already connected in your target market, had commented on a company’s blog and Watering new growthfollowed them on twitter. How comfortable would you be in that interview? Maybe more importantly, how comfortable would the employer be? People that just started 6 months ago in social media are miles ahead of those who have not.

Doug Karr says, "The company who I work for is hiring. You won’t find them at a job fair with large companies who are filling dead-end positions in their cubicle farms. You won’t find them scouring through resumes, either. You also won’t find them buying space on an online help-wanted classified site, either. We find great candidates through our network of colleagues (including placement firms) and we research them on Google to see how they would fit into a social media company. It’s a great company. It’s a growing company. It’s an exciting company." Go read the rest of Doug’s post I find it interesting and refreshing! By the way, how refreshing are you!


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