Your Path to the Leadership Table

Jeffrey G. Soper, Ph.D., Executive Director of the International Strategic Business Partner Institute, and the creator of Problem Solving LeadershipTM and the C.L.I.C.KTM Process is my podcast guest this week.  Dr. Soper is a seasoned executive, consultant, author, and coach who is a recognized expert in the fields of leadership development, performance improvement, and creativity and innovation.Jeff Soper

Jeff will be presenting at the The ASQ Charlotte Section Annual Conference 2013, Quality Conference of the Carolinas. The conference is held at UNC Charlotte Center City and is a one-day event on April 16th. Additional information and registration can be obtained at

An outline of Dr. Soper’s presentation: Problem Solving Leadership

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In his upcoming book Problem Solving LeadershipTM, Dr. Jeffrey G. Soper challenges the conventional wisdom of current leadership development thought and practice stating that “The problem with leadership can be found in the definition of the leadership problem.” His challenge is not that the focusing upon leadership skills and follower receptivity is wrong, but rather that it is incomplete. Problem Solving LeadershipTM contends that a key element of the leadership problem is missing – the nature of the work to be accomplished.

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