Lean Leadership Workshop

Lean Frontiers, Indianapolis, IN based, is known for producing the high quality, focused Lean Workshops. This fall (October 2-3, 2012) they are hosting the lean workshop, Lean Leadership presented by Mike Hoseus. The course is intended to demonstrate the role of leadership in connecting and simultaneously developing the “Product” and the “People” Value Streams in your organization which will drive the long term lean transformation resulting in increased profitability and long term mutual prosperity.

Lean Frontiers offers these smaller, regional workshops that provide high intensity and depth of discussion. Their smaller audience size allows for more presenter and attendee interaction. And typically at a fraction of the cost of other workshop providers.

The workshop will also discuss how to “bring to life” the Values a Company has set as their guiding principles or mission statements. We will do this by explaining the specific steps/actions to consider while using problem-solving process in daily activities. (i.e. – communication, buy-in, engagement, purpose, customer satisfaction and more). We will discuss each participants “Line of Sight” to the company goals or business plan (Hoshin), normally centered around the key performance indicators (i.e. Quality, Cost, Productivity, Safety, and HR Development). How to integrate this into a “Daily Management Development System will also be discussed and practiced.

Mike Hoseus, co-author of Toyota Culture will review how a Lean Organization establishes their culture for problem solving at all levels. A “hands on” case study and simulation with then be used to go over an 8 Step systematic process. In the simulation, the participants will be in teams, engaging in indentifying problems with works flow, standardized work, supply chain and motion. The teams will engage in PDCA “experimentation” to implement improvements to the process and evaluation results, while building an A-3 in the process.

Mike Hoseus is Executive Director for the Center for Quality People & Organizations (CQPO). Mike Hoseus brings both manufacturing operations and specialization in Human Resource experience to CQPO.

Disclaimer: I have presented the Lean Sales and Marketing workshop for Lean Frontiers and have attended workshops presented by them and by Mike Hoseus. I am not being compensated in anyway for this post.

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