Project and Change Management Simplified eBook

In a recent podcast, Project and Change Management Simplified, Bob Lewis president of IT Catalysts discussed his specialty project and change management.  This is a transcription of the podcast.

Since 1996, when he started his “Survival Guide” column in InfoWorld, Bob has been in the forefront of a guerrilla movement in how businesses should design and plan change, and how the IT function should relate to the rest of the enterprise. Bob is the author of several books to include Bare Bones Project Management: What you can’t not do and Bare Bones Change Management, What you shouldn’t not do.

Bob has recently teamed up with David Anderson (David recently appeared on a Business901 podcast, Change is Best when it Evolves) to present a 2-day workshop on Business Change Management. This will include topics specific to Agile and Lean transition initiatives. More information on the workshop can be found at Business Change Management.. Workshop Date: Los Angeles, CA December 3-4, 2012

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