Should HR be Responsible for Developing Lean People?

The Deadliest Waste of All is the Waste of Talent and Creativity

Recently, I have been talking with Lean Frontiers and discussing a few of their upcoming summits. In particular, the Lean People Development Summit  that was formerly named the Lean HR Summit. I have some upcoming podcasts, concerning HR and was trying to fill out some upcoming openings in that area. An area that I wanted to explore is why seemingly HR does not play more of a role in Lean Change Management or developing a Lean culture. I found this video during my exploration by Cheryl Jekiel. Cheryl is a Keynote Presenter at the upcoming September conference and authored the book, Lean Human Resources: Redesigning HR Processes for a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

About the Summit: The Lean HR Summit has addressed this gap since 2011 and has now taken a step forward as The Lean People Development Summit. The result is a carefully crafted agenda designed to address this gap by developing Talent Development Strategies for…

  • defining key improvement skills and behaviors
  • identifying the existing gap in workforce skills and behaviors
  • laying out strategies for deploying these skills and behaviors from front-line staff to executive leaders

Many people wonder why it is difficult to sustain a change management program such as Lean. I think one of the reasons is the lack of addressing the talent management side in the organization. Without a proactive Lean HR strategy, it is nearly impossible for a Lean culture to flourish. The obvious is just in hiring and onboarding practice. However, who else can champion Lean across the entire enterprise? We think of the Lean Champion but most of the time they are regulated to operations and quality departments. I think it is HR that must take the leadership position.

What are your thoughts?

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