Should We be Paying Learning Commissions?

In recent times, you have seen more of my thinking moving from outcome-based to more process driven metrics. For the simple reason that it creates real-time measurements. We can no longer wait until the end to make adjustments.

There is probably no area that is being impacted more significantly than the traditional sales and affiliate compensation structures. It is getting to be more of a collaborative effort in achieving targets and goals. And even traditional the sales transaction itself is less defined as pre-sales integrations and post-sales; (5 Rs of Growth: Re-sell, Retain, Refer, Renew, Regain) are becoming significantly of equal/greater value.

These days getting the message in, is as important as getting the message out. Our ability to learn from our customer and their communities is changing the compensation structure. What are your thoughts? How far off am I?

PDF Download: Learning Commissions