Use Social Media to land a job

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As the recession looms on, more and more people are turning to social media and blogs to look for jobs. Jamie Varon (@jamievaron) has generated buzz in the Twitter community with her new website called Twitter Should Hire Me, where she blogs candidly about her attempts to get a job at Twitter. In this interview, she shares her tips on how to use social media to land the job of your dreams, even in a recession.

What kind of reception have you received since launching Twitter Should Hire Me?

Sometimes the hardest part of finding a job is getting that initial interview. What steps did you take to get noticed by Twitter before starting Twitter Should Hire Me?

How are you promoting your site and your job search?

You’ve garnered amazing support for your site from the Twitter community. Why do you think people have rallied so strongly around you?

What have you learned from the site about using social media to get a job?

What will you do if Twitter doesn’t offer you a job?

What advice would you give to people trying to get a job in social media?

Take a look at the full interview, consider this – 1st day 20,000 hits. Does that tell you something.