Watch out Guy Kawasaki!

Ok, I haCapture mpp ve been seriously writing for about a year now. I have even discussed writing a book, what else would you do with a few hundred blog post? But lately,  I have been getting some articles published by a few heavyweights, most notable:

The American Express Open Forum published two articles of mine Lean Your Marketing and Avoid Trying to Time your Marketing .  And today, I really enjoyed this. I was looking at the Palo Alto Software site, makers of Marketing Plan Pro and they had just published an article of mine titled Be Reactive in your marketing before being proactive by Joe Dager. And right above me was Guy Kawasaki .

Now, I know that may seem like anything of consequence to you noted authors that are reading my blog. But being an aspiring writer, it was kind of COOL! Go make a comment on mine and if you want take a look at Guy’s too!

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