Content marketing strategy from start to finish

These guys are talking my language. I believe content marketing is what really works these days and without it it is very hard to differentiate yourself. A quick outline of the book:51jqELI 00L._SL160_

  1. Defining the organizational goals.
  2. Determine the informational needs of the buyer.
  3. Determine what you want the customer to do and why this helps the business.
  4. Determine the product and content mix.

A few examples of the product and content mix were:

  1. Print newsletter
  2. E-book
  3. White papers series
  4. Website and blog
  5. Social Media component
  6. Article marketing
  7. News releases

This sounds a little hazy but the book explains “How to put some real teeth in it to this strategy.” If you are not marketing through your created content, this is a great place to start.