Follow the Right Steps, achieve the Life of our Dreams says..

Tom MacKay of MacKay NLP Solutions believes we can and that’s what we discussed during this Business901 podcast. Neuro Linguistic Programming (usually called NLP) helps you improve your business, relationships, sporting or artistic performance by teaching you proven strategies that work. People waste a lot of time doing things that don’t get them the results that they want and deserve. NLP consists of techniques and principles modeled from outstanding experts throughout the world – so you can learn what really works right from the start!

Tom MacKay is the founder of MacKay Solutions. Tom first trained as a psychologist and in NLP in 1990 and since then  has become one of the most respected NLP  trainers in the UK. Tom is a Master Trainer of NLP, the highest level that can  be attained, and is the only INLPTA Master Coach Trainer in the UK. He has appeared on television on the BBC show “Pay Off Your  Mortgage” and recently filmed a pilot show on family dynamics.

For more than 15 years, Tom  has worked with individuals and organizations to help them achieve incredible  results through Neuro Linguistic Programming  . He has  worked in therapeutic settings ranging from pain management to helping  individuals create deep, lasting change. He has also trained and consulted with  a large range of companies including Whitbread, Reuters, VISA, Royal Mail, and  many other organizations. Tom is committed to helping his students create the results  that they want.

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