Developing Your Observation Skills

Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore’s new book, Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills, introduces a metaphor of “six looking glasses.” Each looking glass represents a particular skill to master in order to enhance the way we look at the world. The six skills include binoculars, bifocals, magnifying glass, microscope, rose-colored glasses, and blindfold Continue reading Developing Your Observation Skills

The Gemba Academy Story

Gemba Academy

I’m passionate about continuous improvement and teaching others about it and so I approached my now business partner, John Miller and Kevin Meyer, who’s also my business partner, there’s three of us, about starting an online training business. – Ron Pereira The Gemba Academy provides high quality online and DVD-based Continue reading The Gemba Academy Story

Just not eLearning at the Gemba Academy

Gemba Academy

I’m a big advocate of flip learning and online training and your site licenses are very compatible to that. Someone can watch and then they can go practice and go over the practice with a consultant or a partner or somebody. Is that something you do with Gemba? Is that constructed Continue reading Just not eLearning at the Gemba Academy

Dave Snowden’s Talk on Cynefin at LeanWX

LeanWX NYC 2015 was a five-day, single-track conference (Wednesday through Sunday). The conference incorporated short format 20 minute talks, keynotes, Lean Coffee, and open spaces and was organized around presentations, great food (including macaroons flown in from France), and discussions on how organizations can adopt LeanUX, Design Thinking, DevOps, and Continue reading Dave Snowden’s Talk on Cynefin at LeanWX

Becoming an Entrepreneur

The Purdue Foundry focuses Purdue’s vast resources to accelerate and improve advancement of Purdue ideas and innovations that are changing the world. My podcast guest next week is Juliana Casavan a Training Manager at Purdue Foundry where she creates and facilitates workshops that concentrate on first step of looking at Continue reading Becoming an Entrepreneur