Giving Your Product a Voice

Can you help bring your product/service alive by giving it a voice?

From the book The Objects of Experience by Wood & Latham,

  1. Name the object. Give it an actual name, as if you were naming a pet.
  2. Decide on its personality. Is it mean, nice, sneaky, smart, young, old, funny
  3. What kinds of things does this object like to do? List hobbies, favorite pastimes, favorite food, color, etc.
  4. In reference to the big idea, write three things this object has to say. Write it in the form of a quote.
  5. Take a photograph of your object. Print it out.
  6. When everyone has done this for their objects, introduce your new friend to the rest of the group.

Afterward, review the space or setting that people will experience your product/service. Does it fit?