Is Your Feedback Feeding Forward?

Is your Coaching Kata creating Feed Forward Feedback?

In the practice of Kata, the coach attempts to provide feedback that feeds forward. It is not an attempt to be critical of past performance but more so of addressing what needs to be done next. In the book Learning Targets ( ) by Moss and Brookhart the authors use a metaphor of the Mirror, Magnet and a Meaningful Moment. I think it is a great way to envision the process.

The mirror symbolizes accurate feedback recognizing the work that has been and the gap that has yet to be completed. The magnet is the pull for the next action(s) needed to close the gap that has been decided upon. The Meaningful moment is what really caught my eye in this example.

The feedback must happen when it is still relevant and can be used. This sounds obvious but as we try to use Kata outside of the Factory floor that relevant moment becomes of greater importance. I might add that that the meaningful moment may not be time-based. It could be governed by the space or environment the person is in.  Any thoughts?

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