Job Seekers do you have a telephone script!

All the pros have one, what about you?

Best way to handle the gatekeeper: Try to say as little as possible about why you are calling. End your response to any question asked with, "So may I please speak with Mr(s). ________?”Phone con  If you get hold of the person you are calling or more than likely voice mail:. Keep it simple.“Hello, my name is ___________ . Thanks for taking my call(if you get hold of someone). I’ll be brief. I’m just calling to let you know that I am interested in the "particular job" that you have advertised. I am an ideal candidate because__________________________________________(Make you best pitch). You will receive my resume today in the priority mail envelope" and I wanted to bring this to your attention. I am very interested in the job and feel that my qualifications will demonstrate this. However, I know that the next step would be an interview and could we schedule one at this time?"

If the person objects:. Inevitable many will say “no” to your offer regardless of how good it is. They usually do this by voicing an objection, in this case you simply agree, change subject and start your process over. " am an ideal candidate.." Be careful, do not irritate the person too much, but this technique has worked for telemarketers for years. If the person agrees: Simply confirm date and times. The job is to get the interview, not the job. At the end end the call on a positive comment “Thank you again for your time Mr(s). ___________.

Remember that a script must sound right in conversation. Just practice it a few times and write different ones for different scenarios. Go back and read them out loud, role play with others, have them object, etc. This will give you am idea of what is good and bad. Even if you do not use this tool, you will begin to feel more comfortable in your next conversation.

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