Where do you start your job search?

Most people feel uncomfortable when they out of work and start searching in newspapers, online and cold calling. Even though, we have all heard that 80% of the jobs are never advertised. If that many are not, how do you hear about them? It is pretty simple, just do the math. Most people know approximately 300 people on a casual basis. In fact, when not knowing, many wedding planners, funeral directors will use than number as a figure.  So if you know 300, does that mean your wife or husband will know 300 probably not but maybe a 100. What about both of your parents, your siblings, your cousins and people that know you well?

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You get the idea. But make sure everyone knows what you do, your capabilities and whether your willing to relocate. You would be amazed at how many people will pre-qualify you and may not think to tell you about a particular job. Also, ask them to tell others about you. Don’t give them one business card, give them a couple and make sure you have a page on the Internet where they can learn more.  Ask people to tell others! If you can only get a small portion of these people in the other circles to start looking, you will have the best marketing campaign going for you that money could buy.

How do you start? Start with your family and ask them to give out a few business card. Work at being easy to know and hard to forget. Be quick to understand others and listen to them. But always give them a card. Remember, people like to do business with people they like so work at pleasing others. If you touch your 300 people in a week, just think how many people you may have working for you.

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  1. Its all about your network. I would probably go to all the people you mentioned above but I would hit twitter at the same time very hard.

    It’s funny when I tell people about finding jobs on twitter. I have never tried so I don’t know about the results but there sure is opportunity and like anything if you put the time in I bet you will see the results.

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