LSD Start

This is the beginning of the 4-week journey into Lean Service Design. Please start, if you have not already by reviewing the video on the home page. It is a 35-minute presentation on the principles that the trilogy is based on. The Lean Service Design Trilogy eLearning course is highly influenced by Service Design Thinking and Lean as the business process. We will use the Lean methods of SDCA, PDCA and EDCA as they relate to each discipline and the path between Service through SD-Logic (The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing) to Design. It is beyond the scope of this project to think that we can create competency as a Lean Champion, Service Designer, or a Designer.

I would encourage you to spend a little time each day to read the assigned page, do any prescribed work and reflect on what you have learned or what questions may have been raised. If you are utilizing support through Smartsheet just go to the appropriate lesson and start a conversation. We will carry on our dialog there in a private environment that will not be shared by others. If you are in a group setting the other participants can have the same access to the Smartsheet and the dialog. (You will know if you are in a group). I may upload additional documentation on the Smartsheet to support the conversation that we may have. I check the Smartsheet during the day and receive email notifications when there has been updates. My intention is to reply to all threads within 24 hours.

If you would like to schedule a live discussion ($50/hr) or a webinar ($75/hr) on a particular subject just use the contact page

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact me directly at

Outlined below is the structure of the program. At the end of this four weeks, we, you will be able to define and implement a basic Lean Service Design project.

Program Outline:

Week 1: The 5 Lean Principles are discussed not in your typical Lean point of view of reducing waste. We view this as knowledge building exercise with continuous improvement through iterative cycles of learning.

Week 2: Services are discussed in the concepts of gaps and how to recognize, measure and improve them as part of everyday work.

Week 3: How do you innovative within the confines of everyday work? Design Thinking concepts are introduced and blended with the other components.

Week 4: Putting the Trilogy together and empowering people to put these concepts into practice. You’re the teacher now. How can you engage, implement and spread these ideas?

Each week is further broken down into five components. It is a simple PDCA Cycle. I follow along the guidelines of a Lean breakthrough process described in Lean for Service Organizations and Offices.

Day 1 – Train: Discussion of the philosophy and tools that are needed for the topic of discussion. It is not meant to be completely comprehensive, and you may have many questions on the tools or process. Many of these will be answered during the week when you actually implement the process.

Day 2 – Explore: We will explore problems and try to reveal the as -is state. Here is where we try to understand the problem better.

Day 3- Ascertain: This step is where we find root cause, potential solutions. The outcome is to construct a new process and prepare for implementation of it.

Day 4 – Implement: This is where we implement the countermeasures of the process outline any additional training needed.

Day 5 – Close: It is not realistic to add closure at this point, but we will summarize and give you the opportunity to create an A3 of the learning experience.

The title page along the top; Lean, Service, Design and Trilogy will contain general information about the subject. I will add to these pages throughout the course as I receive feedback that applies to one of the other pages. Please feel free to comment, add questions or send me an email,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present this course.

Let’s Get Started with Week 1 – Lean.