Lean Sales and Marketing: PDCA (Part 9 of 11)

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This short video is one of an eleven-part series on Lean Marketing. You can watch the entire series in its entirety on YouTube at https://youtu.be/WLzCUThAQ18 or in short, approximately five-minute sections.

The videos serve as an introduction in creating a Lean Marketing system. You can’t write and teach Lean Sales and Marketing. It is a Learn by doing approach. What I do is provide you a platform for co-creation through joint experiences and incorporate feedback as we put them into practice.

The steps of Lean Sales and Marketing are first you go and create a current state. Second, you form a working vision from the user (customer) experience, an ideal situation of where the user wants to go. Third, you visualize the user’s process. If you do that, it’s more obvious to see what your next reaction should be and when to trigger it.