Don’t start with a Blank Piece of Paper

Never start with a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER, Never. I cannot think of a single thing that would hinder your training, creativity and more importantly results. I believe that is one of the reasons mindmaps work so well. You start at least with a way to make an outline. Just think how hard it is to get started in most “Idea Sessions.” Once the first couple of ideas are on the board things start moving rather briskly. It works the same way in other formal training. Start with pictures, outlines and of course, document your training process to make it efficient. A few thoughts below from the Systems2win newsletter this week.

A common topic in the lean speaker circuit these days is “how to infuse a lean culture?” Some speakers suggest to simplify everything by “going back to just using pencil and paper”. We look forward to seeing how their clients compete with companies that instead choose to empower their lean leaders with: Fill-in-the-blanks Word and Excel templates; Online training, and now; Personalized in-house instructor training – using TWI methods.

As our grandfathers used to say…”The race doesn’t always go to the fastest, strongest, and best-prepared… but that’s the way to bet.”

TWI Training Within Industry: Check out our new free online training for TWI Training Within Industry – a field-proven method to train a worker to perform ANY type of job – with close to 100% of participating firms reporting at least: 25% increased production; 25% decrease in training time; 25% decrease in labor hours; 25% decrease in employee grievances.

Lean Training tools: The Lean Training tools bundle contains Word and Excel templates that make it easy to implement TWI training methods.

Job Instructions

Job Instructions.JPGThe Job Instructions template makes it easy to create professional-looking Work Instructions – with picture-within-a-picture, arrows to point things out, colors and fonts, user-defined headers and footers, and you can have active hyperlinks to related documents – even within your ISO 9000-controlled PDF finished training deliverable.

Training & Skills MatrixTraining and Skills Matrix.JPG

The Training & Skills Matrix goes way beyond the rudimentary cross-training matrix that your grandfather needed to invent when TWI was first introduced as a means to quickly ramp up US military capacity for World War II.

Use TWI to train your people to use their Systems2win templates: The Help page for every one of the templates now contains a section to train and encourage your own in-house instructor(s) to use the TWI Job Instruction training methods to teach your people how to get the most from their continuous improvement power tools.

Used with Permission from Systems2Win.

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