Marketing as a Service

UBM TechWeb CEO Tony Uphoff is interviewed by Scott Vaughan on a trend that may be critical for technology marketers, Marketing as a Service (MaaS).

Marketing as a Service has some interesting connotations. First thoughts might be directed towards outsourcing. Which may be the more traditional way of thinking about Marketing as a Service.

I view Marketing as a Service from the point that there is actually less “Marketing” and more doing for the customer. Whether it is in the form of a trial or another process that creates value for the customer. Along this path the customer gets to experience our offering or portion of it.  Through this experience, the customer will decide to get further embedded in our experience or choose to disengage or stay on in a minimal way.

Maybe, finally we can have marketing pay for itself? Ahh, that would be Lean Marketing in its purest form?

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