Story of a Startup using KickStarter

I stepped in and hosted a podcast for LetusDropShip, a new drop shipping company that offers a unique way of handling drop shipping. They seek out niche manufacturers and offer them the support of their worldwide distribution system of warehouses and online/offline retailers. LetusDropShip concentrates on building brands and niches.

One of these manufacturers, Trego (A wearable case for the iPad) was discovered at a local meetup in San Jose, CA. Founder, Ramsey Elias started out using KickStarter to fund its initial offering and I thought it would be fun to view the progression of the product:

  1. Kickstarter: Trego – The Wearable iPad Case They reached their goal of $20,000 with 113 backers.
  2. Initial offering is made through Amazon and Ebay. The Trego Bag comes in two colors and can be found on Amazon:
    Black and Orange: Trego Bag – B & O
    Black and Green:  Trego Bag – B&G
  3. Global Distribution is sought through LetUsDropShip.Com
  4. A push to the industrial product market highlighted in my blog post, Industrial iPad Case – Moving Digital to Shop Floor (Includes a fun video).

The podcast is the story behind the Trego product and serves as excellent background material for a retailer. The podcast features Ramsey Elias, founder and inventor of the Trego and Jerry Gan, founder of LetusDropShip. In the podcast, we discuss the origination of the Trego case and the journey through development. Jerry discusses how he found out about the Trego case and how LetusDropShip assists Ramsey in developing an international market. Below is a transcription of the podcast, A Tray to Go for your iPad, a Trego!


If you would like to become a wholesaler of the product, please visit

Disclaimer: At the time of this writing there is an existing relationship with LetusDropShip.

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