Storymapping Your Product


Drawing on her experiences with Fortune 500 companies, public radio, filmmaking, and more, Donna Lichaw helps you navigate the oft-treacherous waters of product development. Donna helps you not just to tell stories or use stories to promote your product, but to build your products as if they were stories themselves. Her book, The User’s Journey: Continue reading Storymapping Your Product

Vision is More Than a Forecast


People talk about vision all the time. It is often misunderstood and taken out of context. They think it is for annual planning and boardroom activities. They think of vision as some lofty goal that could be characterized by statements like this: Vision is the art of seeing what is Continue reading Vision is More Than a Forecast

Onboarding Your SaaS Subscribers


Does your SaaS product/service sell itself in your subscription based service? Or maybe, it is something more towards a membership style of arrangement?  Either way, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the art of onboarding employees for most SaaS models. When we look at successful onboarding Continue reading Onboarding Your SaaS Subscribers

Greatest Pain + Easiest to Measure


Disruptive Innovations: Greatest Pain + Easiest to Measure Yesterday’s podcast excerpt with Tim Sanders, ended this way, Joe, doesn’t that sound like sales? I mean, we have to solve a bunch of our little prospecting presentation closing problems just to get the right to solve the customer’s problem, and quality Continue reading Greatest Pain + Easiest to Measure

Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Thomas J. Graham

Thomas J. Graham, MD, was the Chief Innovation Officer of Cleveland Clinic and Vice Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery. A prolific inventor with nearly 50 worldwide patents and a serial entrepreneur, he is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon whose practice is the premier destination for the care of the professional athlete’s hand Continue reading Innovation at the Cleveland Clinic