Tricks from the Trenches on applying Hoshin Kanri

Anthony Manos is a Catalyst with Profero, Inc., where he provides professional consulting services, implementation, coaching and training to a wide variety of organizations, large and small, private and public, in many industries focusing on Lean Enterprise and Lean Healthcare. Mr. Manos has extensive knowledge of Lean and quality in a wide range of work environments. Tony Manos

Anthony was my guest on the Business901 podcast and we discussed the application of Hoshin Kanri. Since Hoshin Kanri first appeared in the late 1960s, it has become a management system for companies to establish annual policy, pass it down through their organizations and implement it across all departments and functions. Hoshin Kanri is different from what most people think of as strategic planning. It goes far beyond the typical strategic planning process and implementation.

Mr Manos says, “Hoshin Kanri is for organizations looking for a method to create a thoughtful plan for the future. In addition to helping other organizations learn and apply Hoshin Kanri principles, the company I work for has applied Hoshin Kanri principles for its own operations.” Here is some practical advice and “tricks from the trenches” that might help you and your organization move forward:

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Anthony is the co-author of the book Lean Kaizen: A Simplified Approach to Process Improvements and author of many articles on Lean and its allied subjects. He wrote the script for SME’s DVD Total Productive Maintenance Blitz and is the co-editor of ASQ’s upcoming Lean Handbook. He writes commentary on Lean in his blog:

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