Toyota Kata a Solution-Focused Approach?

Kata & Solution

IDEO seemingly popularized the Design Thinking or the Solution-Focused type approach in businesses. It dates back much further than that to numerous people like Robert McKim, Nigel Cross and a host of others. A solution-focused approach has always been something that I have used especially in the design thinking approach when Continue reading Toyota Kata a Solution-Focused Approach?

24 Kaizen / PDCA Transcription

Business901 Stacks

This is a collection of Business901 Podcast Transcriptions, called Stacks (see below) through my Issuu channel: Kaizen / PDCA Stacks Stacks are a new way to organize your own publications, as well as any other publications that you find interesting. For your own publications, after you are done publishing them, Continue reading 24 Kaizen / PDCA Transcription

TWI Skills Into Daily Routines, Part 2

Mark Warren, of Tesla2 Inc. has decades years of experience working with Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to improve their manufacturing productivity and quality. He travels the world to learn and teach about Lean and most specifically TWI.  He likes to concentrate on problem solving methodologies as applied to lean Continue reading TWI Skills Into Daily Routines, Part 2