Making Better Strategic Decisions

Most of our decision making and problem-solving uses this 4-step process:

  1. Problem – Clarification or defining the problem we are trying to solve
  2. Problem – Looking for causation, 5 Whys
  3. Solution: Brainstorming different ideas, evaluating and selecting
  4. Solution: Implementing, testing and reviewing results

A similar type of effort is made in about every decision making effort and problem-solving effort. Of course, it is usually expanded but Lean (Cap-Do), Six Sigma (DMAIC), TRIZ, Appreciative Inquiry(4 Ds), Design Thinking, Integrative Thinking, Theory of Constraints, OODA Loop, and AREA Method.

We have great systems but there is a weakness. Most of them rely on very subjective methods of finding Root Cause (5 Whys) and then using a pile of post-it-notes to brainstorm and find the “ideal” solution. TRIZ and the AREA Methods are certainly outliers to this approach and may well be the better way to make Bigger Decisions or Strategic type decisions. They encourage going outside the internal decision-making team to bring in different evidence-based research.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Albert Einstein

This is what excites me about working with The Oxford Review. It is the ability to have at my fingertips research that I can trust to enable strategic decision making. What other ways have you found to find this type of research? What enables you to go out of the box and bring back evidence-based research that you can trust?

If would take 3 to 5 mins out of your day and complete this survey it would be appreciated. We are offering a complimentary briefing from The Oxford Review: How to get groups and organizations to support change. It is accessible on the survey form. All responses will be confidential and there is no registration and access is through this link only: .