Lean A3 Thinking Audio Book

A3 Thinking

A collection of Business901 Podcasts that has been grouped under the title of Lean A3 Thinking. It includes the authors below in the order of appearance and totals around 2 1/2 hours in length. If you prefer a transcription most of them are available on the Business901 Issuu website: https://issuu.com/business901. Tracey Richardson Continue reading Lean A3 Thinking Audio Book

Lean Marketing with A3 Thinking


Introducing Lean A3 Thinking to Sales and Marketing. It is aimed at mature companies, and even more focused on companies practicing Lean in operations. Don’t forget to join the Lean Marketing Lab to receive the Marketing with A3 eBook.

Dan Roam on Lean A3s

Draw to Win

When using the Lean  A3 method of thinking we are told to make visual stories. I could not think of a better person to ask about condensing a visual story on one-page than Dan Roam. Dan Roam is the author of the international bestseller, The Back of the Napkin (Expanded Edition): Solving Problems Continue reading Dan Roam on Lean A3s

Deploying your Marketing Storyboard

Vision Deployment Matrix Trello

Articulating a vision is not an easy process. Even more difficult is implementing the vision. Most of the time even if you had a way the vision might have changed along the way there. The important part is getting started and learning along the way. The vision needs to be Continue reading Deploying your Marketing Storyboard

Using Trello for Storyboarding

Trello Storyboard

This is more about the use of Trello and for a virtual team than it is about problem-solving. My Storyboard efforts are based on my training in Disney Practices and enhanced by the book, The Disney Way, 3E: Harnessing the Management Secrets of Disney in Your Company. Using Trello to Continue reading Using Trello for Storyboarding