Marketing with A3 eBook Download

The book itself will not spawn a lean transformation or a significant culture change within your company. It is a workbook, that I would use to introduce and guide me through the A3 process from a marketing perspective. It provides a background on A3, explanation of terms and many of the tools of A3, questions that will facilitate discussion of each step in the A3, blank forms and ten sample A3s for reference.

The samples included are:

  • Direct Marketing Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Training Program Outline
  • Sales Communication on a Promotion
  • Gap Analysis of an Annual Advertising Campaign
  • Churn Rate Gap Analysis
  • Increasing Consulting bookings
  • Gaining Control of Internal Costing structure
  • Business Plan Analysis for Industrial Segment
  • Increase in Workshop Attendance
  • Increase in ROI of present Marketing Activities

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