Which Direction Does Your Marketing Flow?

Which Way Should It Flow?

Most educators are familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy and the hierarchy of the different type of thinking. They also familiar with the adaption by Anderson and the determination that creating new knowledge is the most demanding part of the cognitive process. Anderson did later work that I will discuss in my next post.

It has never stood out so much to me as it has the past few years working as a freelancer the problem of most marketing processes. Before, I always had a fair amount of domain knowledge about someone’s processes, customers, marketing space, and product/service. I also thought others had at least as much knowledge. However, I have found that since the digital age has occurred some domain knowledge may be a little suspect. That discussion can also wait for a further post.

The real mystery to me is how most people’s expectation of marketing is the creation of the new. Where domain knowledge is limited. If I could pick where most companies want me to start is with making assumptions and experiments or creation of the new. Where the least amount of knowledge resides. Even established companies fail to review the basics. What path have you chosen for your marketing? Which direction does it flow?

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