Why Architecture is needed even in Agile?

Jim (“Cope”) Coplien was my guest on the Business901 podcast. We discussed his new book,Lean Architecture: for Agile Software Development but I found Cope’s view on Lean and Agile quite interesting. His knowledge of the subject goes far beyond the software practices that he writes about. Whether you are in IT or not, I think this podcast really helps in understanding Lean as a methodology and/or culture.

Cope is a speaker and author whose works range from programming and architecture to ethnography and organizational design. He is a founder of the Software Pattern discipline and of organizational patterns, which in turn were one of the foundations of Scrum. Though he writes for a technical audience, his works focus on the human element of product development. His latest work, “Lean Architecture” is as much about how architecture helps make software usable, as it is about software maintainability on the technical side.

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