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Natalie Sayer, the owner of I-Emerge, an Arizona-based global consultancy, and co-author of Lean For Dummies. Natalie began studying and applying Lean in the automotive industry, in the US and Mexico, before it was formally known as Lean. She has trained, coached, mentored and rolled up her sleeves to implement Lean in organizations ranging from Fortune 130 companies to micro-businesses.Natalie Sayer

She brings a unique blend of people, process and cultural skills to every project. Natalie has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, a Masters of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, is a graduate from Coachu, a professional speaker, a Six Sigma Black Belt, a Global Leadership Executive Coach and an actress. She is a passionate people person, who lives her life with the convictions that “there is always a better way”, “change won’t happen without the people”, “adjust yourself accordingly” and “learn from every life experience and move on.”

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