Are these your marketing tactics this year?

“NEW” tactics used this year


  1. Create a new website. Take outdated website and improve it for better navigation and SEO. Create a storefront on site to let your customers buy products online.
  2. Test one new advertising venue every month. Track results and when you find one that works, expand it.
  3. Advertise your business in local newspapers and magazines in your area and include coupons as a tool to drive customers into your store.
  4. Use your database, start doing a better job collecting names, to aggressively market to your “customers” with a new professional style e-mail campaign driving them to your new website that has a storefront on it.
  5. Develop a loss leader campaign. This campaign will set to or three items at significantly lower cost than others. This will drive traffic to your store and while customers are there they will purchase other products.
  6. Develop stronger strategic and referral partners through networking.
  7. Place large banners, neon signs and other props outside your store to draw attention.
  8. Run sales promotions on a regular basis. Customers love to purchase items on sale and if you get a reputation for having great sales, it can generate a lot of repeat business.
  9. Use Social Media, Facebook and Twitter, to blast message to public for free.

I could tell you to call me if this is not working, but you may have already thought of that! If it is working, definitely call me because I would be thoroughly amazed!

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