Are We to Outcome-Based in Our Thinking?

How much does luck play into it?

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One of the things that I think Kata-type thinking promotes is the ability to make small bets (PDCA) along the journey towards the target condition. I use this in my sales and marketing approach as I believe marketing is little more than an experiment vs a campaign.

Annie Duke (aka World Series Poker) is releasing a book, Thinking in Bets that helps us lets go of this thinking and evaluate our decision-making not only be thinking more in the moment and evaluating present circumstances but looking at the odds of the multiple uncertainties that lie in the future and hedging our bets accordingly.

This book is a great companion to the Toyota Kata and somewhat of a cliche, but anyone wanting to make smarter decisions when you don’t have all the facts (sub-title). The book is not heavily ladened with poker analogies, I wish she would have used more.  Check out Annie’s background, she is just not a World Champion poker player.

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